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Dark Horse Distribution


The directors of Dark Horse (PTY) Ltd have collectively more than 50 years’ experience in the Electronic Hardware & Software Distribution industry.

Together with an experienced team of qualified staff, DHD has accumulated a wealth of expertise in our respective Industries.

DHD is a leading Distributor focusing nationally on the Supply and deployment of network infrastructure, software & hardware solutions. With our Head Office in Benoni with satellite offices in KZN & CPT, DHD responds to your corporate needs with technology-driven solutions, supplied by our certified system integrators.

With a long history in distribution & customer care, DHD delivers a wide range of Brands with proven integrated technologies including Time & Attendance, access control, open platform  IP CCTV with high-quality audio, NVR recording, enterprise server, and storage solutions along with perimeter intrusion and alarm monitoring to deliver seamlessly integrated solutions. From initiation to completion, DHD is committed to keeping you satisfied.

Technical Support

DHD provides a full range of ongoing technical support, with management services including preventative maintenance programs and 24/7 technical assistance for all DHD products & partners. DHD has various services level agreement options which include back to back support for our suppliers


DHD is recognized as one of the premier hardware & software distributors. As a comprehensive solutions provider, DHD assists system integrators in designing their client's system layout to meet local, regional, and national requirements. Our proven track record includes products ranging from entry-level to highly sophisticated. DHD achieves this through our capability to constantly train our partners on new hardware and software.

Our Service

DHD designs and supplies hardware and software solutions from various major brands worldwide, we pride ourselves on accurate etas and exceptional deliveries across the regions. DHD also offers warehousing for partners to ensure a smooth roll-out time.

Business Analysis

DHD distributes high-end security software and hardware technology whilst assisting our partners with site surveys to review their client’s key business flow and security concerns. Upon review, a needs analysis is produced which addresses immediate security requirements as well as long term network and security planning strategies.

Planning & Design

We assist our partners with product selection decisions, project planning and budgeting to identify specific needs and cost-effective beneficial solutions.

Electronic Solution

In today’s business environment it is critical to provide solutions to our clients to meet the end-users individual needs. Traditionally the main threat would have applied to valuables, these days there can be additional threats to data, equipment, and records. The scope of potential offenders has also increased and now includes walk-in thieves, opportunistic contractors, time theft, ghost employees, and disgruntled ex-employees. To combat these threats, DHD offers comprehensive hardware and software.

Access Control

Our access control products are designed to provide the ultimate peace of mind solution for our system integrators. They allow authorized access to areas of the building and deny access to those who have no need or right to be there. Our access control solutions are both flexible and scalable. The systems can operate on Wiegand, finger vein, proximity, infra-red and smart control, biometric, hand geometry, or facial recognition systems. Each system is provided with a windows style administration program for total control and provides easy to use reports.

Time & Attendance

Our Time & Attendance software has been developed to make use of the internationally recognized SAGEM biometric hardware and Mifare read/write card technology. Our software solution has secure encryption that allows multi-factor user authentication or verification and allows for preset cash payouts. Our superior cutting edge biometric search server application eliminates ghost beneficiaries and unauthorized payments are eliminated.  

Ip Audio & Surveillance

The presence of IP CCTV surveillance and security lighting provides one of the biggest deterrents to would-be criminals. Criminals prefer to operate unobserved and therefore shy away from areas protected by CCTV, opting for “softer” targets. DHD will provide our system integrators with worldwide brands of CCTV for the best solution for their premises using our years of experience in providing the best proposal.

Rugged cell phones and tablets

DHD supply a complete range of military standard ruggedized cell phones and tablets which are perfectly suited to hostile and unpredictable environments encountered by athletes and professionals in the field (water, rain, humidity, dust, shocks, etc.); as well as a range of high-performance accessories.

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